Bill Neiss Receives Spurgeon Award

Bill Neiss (Pronounced nice, and yes this is true, he is very nice) received one of the 2020 Spurgeon Awards from Northern Star Council back in December. This Award is the highest honor a Council can bestow on an Exploring Volunteer and Bill is highly deserving!

Bill Neiss has been the Program Director of the Spring Lake Park Opportunities in Emergency Care (OEC) Program for over 22 years after being a graduate of the program himself. He has served as both the Post Advisor and Post Committee Chairman since 1998. Beyond a full-work week, Bill exceeds 20 hours of volunteer time per week during the school year and 40 hours of volunteer time per week in the summer months, including support for both the MN-Fire Exploring Association and the MN Law Enforcement Exploring Association. He truly lives and breathes the OEC Program working alongside his wife, Jenny, who also instructs for the Program.

Please join us in congratulating Bill and the other Spurgeon Award recipients for this honor!

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