Fall Recruitment Continues

Is your Pack just now getting off the ground for the Fall? Did you just have your first meeting or activity? You’re not alone! Many Packs have encountered delays due to School uncertainty, meeting locations and pandemic concerns. The great news is that October is a fun time to host outdoor socially distanced activities like Bike Rides, Nature Hikes, Park Cleanups and Corn Mazes. Any Pack activity can become a recruitment event with promotional tools like flyers and boosted Facebook events. Let the membership committee help your unit turn Fall Fun into New Scouts! Contact your DE or membership chair for opportunities.


The most important tool in recruitment is YOU! A one-on-one converation is still the most successful way to encourage someone to try Scouting. Northern Star Scouting is doing as much as we can to assist our packs and troops to have these conversations with a wide variety of materialss. Local efforts like yard signs, fliers, and pack/troop events are some of the best choices.

In addition, we've tried to "warm up" your potential audience with large numbers of digital campaigns that went on all September long. Over 50,000 people in our council saw videos we created to promote Cub Scouts on both Facebook and YouTube! Additionally, audio ads on Spotify and iHeart Radio, including the Dave Ryan podcast, promoted Scouting to many thousands of listeners. 

10,000 emails were sent AND OPENED, by non-Scouting families in our area, and people who visited our JoinCubs.org website, but left, were shown reminder images on a number of other websites encouraging them to come back. 

Those are just some of the fun things we had going on, and it's a long way to say that many families have heard or seen Scouting messaging in the past couple weeks - they may just need a final bit of encouragement from someone near them to convince them to join. Good luck!

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Fall Recruitment Continues