Northern Star Website Upgrade

On October 28th, 2020 we transitioned our website ( to a more secure platform and one that can be more easily upgraded in the future. This move has been planned for several months, and we've done our best to prepare and make sure all website functionality is working.

Like any great plan though, there are bound to be gaps. As you browse the site, if you find broken links or if things appear a little wonky/slow, know that we are working on resolving any issues that pop up as soon as we can!

It's also possible that links to some files or pages you previously visited have changed. If you're having trouble using an old link, we recommend finding the page by searching for them in our newly upgraded search tool or going through the menu. You can also use the Feedback form found on the bottom of every page on this site.

All forms and documents should still be accessible on the forms page.

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