Philmont 2022 Trek Lottery opens October 27

Crews interested in a 2022 Philmont Adventure need to enter the Philmont Lottery which will run from October 27 to December 1. There are now 7, 9, and traditional 12-day backpacking adventures available at Philmont Scout Ranch in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northeastern New Mexico. Only one entry per crew is allowed, and there is no fee for entering the Lottery. 

Lucky crews will be notified by December 7 of their status.

Along their 50 to 80+ mile journey, crews enjoy beautiful mountain vistas while they take part in programs like musket shooting, rock climbing, and gold mining at staffed camps. 

There are typically 40 slots each day for 12-day crews from early-June until mid-August. The 7- and 9-day Treks are fewer in number, but they are ideal for adult advisors with limited vacation time. Crews up to 12 can be from Troops, Crews, Ships, and Posts with a minimum of 2 adults. Co-ed crews must have at least one male and one female adult advisor. Scholarships are available. Age restrictions also apply.

Philmont also has a number of Individual Opportunities for Scouts who may not be able to go on a traditional trek. Trail Crews spend part of their time building trails and part of their time on a Trek. Ranch Hands help manage Philmont’s horses and afterwards enjoy a 7 day horseback Trek. STEM and Conservation educational treks are also available. 

More information about Treks and Individual Opportunities can be found at the Philmont website,

Details on the 2022 Lottery are at



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