How Do I Report Service Hours

Service Projects Help Connect Youth & Adults to Others, their Community and the Environment

Community Service Projects

Service is Scouting's greatest legacy and the primary reason the Boy Scouts of America is the world's premier youth organization. Some good turns can include helping out after floods or other disasters, recycling community trash, collecting food for local food shelves, Eagle Scout projects, and working on conservation projects.

Each Boy Scout district (a sub-area of the Northern Star Council territory) offers an annual district-wide service project. Many districts coordinate a Scouting for Food drive, where food is collected door-to-door and dropped off at local food shelves on one of the last Saturdays in April. Learn more about districts and find their websites in our related content area. Many will post information about when, where, and how to join their service projects.

Reporting Your Scouting Unit's Community Service Hours

Whether you participated in a project coordinated at the district-level, or your Scouting unit coordinated their own good turn or an Eagle service project, we'd like you to record those service hours and provide that information to us. Reporting these hours helps us let the greater community know the fantastic work Scouting is doing! Our council provides almost 200,000 community service hours annually in the areas we serve.

We collect unit service hour information annually each November, when the annual unit membership (charter) renewal is due. There will be a form to complete in the unit charter renewal packet. In October and November we also have the service hours electronic form posted as related content on this page of the website.

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