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Welcome to the Adventures of Scouting! If you are new to our Scouting family, you probably have a lot of questions. The purpose of the Boy Scouts is to provide an outdoors-oriented educational program for youth. We'll build character, citizenship, and physical, mental, and emotional fitness while giving service to others in our community.

Our Programs

Scouting is an age appropriate and grade specific program. Local Scouting programs are led by volunteers and parent involvement is highly encouraged, and sometimes even expected.

Cub Scouts

Cub Scouting is for kids who are in kindergarten through fifth grade. Learn more about Cub Scouting in our related content.

Scouts BSA

Scouts BSA is for youth ages 10 (and completed the fifth grade) up to 18 years old. Learn more about Scouts BSA in our related content.

Venturing and Sea Scouts

Venturing and Sea Scouting is for young men and young women ages 13 (and completed the 8th grade) up to 21 years old. Learn more about Venturing or Sea Scouting in our related content.

More About Us

Our Council serves more than 42,000 young people in Scouting across central Minnesota and in four counties in western Wisconsin. We're among the top 5 largest councils in the country and led by more than 21,000 volunteers, and eight camps that offer programs year around. Tons of information about our different camps can be found in the related content section.

Any questions we've missed here can likely be answered by using the contact information on this page.

We also have several Scout Shops available to help you purchase uniforms, books, craft items, and all of the badges that your new Scout will be earning.

Volunteer leaders are encouraged to keep their leader training current. Many of these courses are free to take and available online. As a parent of a Scout, you can take the same courses as leaders.

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Information For Parents New To Scouting