Northern Star Merit Badge Series


Northern Star Scouting’s Activities and Civic Service Committee is working on developing a series of promoted Merit Badge Days that Scouts from around Northern Star Scouting can partake in throughout the year. An additional aim of the program is to connect partner organizations with Scouting volunteers to offer these Merit Badge opportunities, using the Merit Badge program as the backdrop to engage youth in a deeper understanding of a vocation or hobby tied to the mission or purpose of the partner organization. 

There is more to Merit Badges than simply providing opportunities to learn skills, introduce lifetime hobbies, or inspiring a career path—though these invaluable results occur regularly. It all begins with a Scout’s initial interest and effort in a merit badge subject, followed meaningful engagement with subject matter experts, culminating in advancement and recognition. It is an uncomplicated process that gives a Scout the confidence achieved through overcoming obstacles, improving social skills, developing self-reliance, and allowing Scouts access to fields of study and interest are explored beyond the limits of the school classroom. 

Check back to this page for further updates on this project, and upcoming opportunities to take part in a Merit Badge day event. 

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Ben Coder

Activities/STEM Director
Northern Star Merit Badge Series