Northern Star Scouting Statement Regarding National Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy

Northern Star Scouting is locally incorporated, financially sound, and fully committed to continue providing safe and positive youth development in all our communities.

The National Boy Scouts of America’s Chapter 11 agreement calls for local councils to contribute to the Trust for Survivors, allowing the national organization to emerge from bankruptcy. Our voluntary contribution will be made at the direction of our board in ways to do the right thing for anyone who was harmed in decades past. We of course balance this with our responsibility to keep Scouting strong for young people we serve today and in the future.

Our contribution will include revenue from the sale of two, unused properties and appreciated earnings from unrestricted long-term assets. Although this will impact annual operations, we are carefully managing budgets to assure for Northern Star Scouting’s short-term and long-term financial health.

The presiding judge approved voting by claimants on the proposed BSA reorganization plan beginning on October 15,2021, requiring ballots be returned by December 14, 2021. Results will be considered by the judge at a hearing scheduled for January 24, 2022.


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