Troop 9072 Celebrates 100th Eagle Scout

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is always worth celebrating, but it’s extra special when a troop hits certain milestones. Troop 9072 hit one such milestone, on August 28, 2021, when it held a unique Eagle Scout Court of Honor at Christ Episcopal Church in Woodbury. This Eagle Court of Honor was for Ethan Park, the troop’s 100th Eagle Scout!

Troop 9072 pulled out all the stops for the occasion, including inviting all of their Eagle Scout alumni to the ceremony. The keynote speaker was Brandon Beil, the troop’s very first Eagle Scout from 1994 and a current Assistant Scoutmaster.

Troop 9072 has been led all these years by the same Scoutmaster, David Hart, for 30 years! Hart was quick to point out the accomplishments belong to the Scouts.

“It was wonderful to see all these troop 72 Eagle Scouts come back,” Hart said. With about 35 Scouts in the troop now, Hart has seen Scouts over the years go on to do some amazing things. One saved his sister from choking when he was only 11 years old and received the BSA Heroism Award. Another rescued a stranded mountain hiker who had become lost and helped arrange a helicopter to evacuate him.

Like many troops, 9072 loves camping, but puts a special emphasis on lightweight camping and backpacking, carrying in all their supplies. Each year, they also go on a four-day winter trek to the BWCA. This past year temperatures dropped to 50 degrees below zero, but that didn’t stop the Scouts!

Northern Star Scouting Scout Executive John Andrews also spoke at the Court of Honor, one of the many highlights of the afternoon.

Andrews later said, “Troop 72 has a well-established reputation for passion, intensity, and high standards of excellence.  Congratulations to Scoutmaster David Hart, a consistent leader throughout the thirty years and the 100 Eagle Scouts for this troop!”

Congratulations indeed to Troop 9072, and to everyone involved in with the event.

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Troop 9072 Celebrates 100th Eagle Scout