YETI Sighting at Phillippo Scout Reservation

​​There has been a YETI sighting at Phillippo Scout Reservation! 

Phillippo would like to give a special thanks to Campmaster Matt "Yeti" Arnett for his work on the nature programs out at camp. Thanks to Matt and his "Youth Ecology Training Institute", Phillippo now has even more equipment to help individuals enjoy and learn more about our outdoors and will be staffed with knowledgeable volunteers.

From a new fishing pier to two new eco trails, and a new composting “eco lobby” to making simple pottery trinkets that can be hardened in a simple campfire, just look for the “YETI SIGHTING” sign below that reflects when people are on-site to help. 

The next time you are at Phillippo keep an eye out for "YETI Sightings" and say hi to Campmaster Matt! 

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Jake Erickson

Camping Specialist
YETI Sighting at Phillippo Scout Reservation